Once we are familiar with the MLB competition system, we can begin to study the betting system that can help us make a profit in this sport. But before we start, let’s be clear from the beginning.

Baseball is a very slow sport, nothing like basketball or football, let alone ice hockey. And, besides being a very slow sport, it has many, many variations, too many, so the first thing we recommend is to learn how to play the game. No, we are not referring to the rules, but to learn how the game is really played depending on the multiple factors that may appear in each match.

This requires watching a lot of games and trying to soak up a lot of information related to baseball and MLB. In other words, it takes a lot of patience. For this reason, if you are not patient bettors, we recommend either going directly to a baseball expert for advice on betting or not betting on the sport at all.

As we said before, the winner is not always the one who has won the most games, but each game is a world that depends on many factors. As these are enormous, at Apuestas Online we have prepared a small summary for those who are starting out in the world of MLB betting.

Information on MLB

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As with any other sport, we always have to adapt our betting system as the variables that affect the game change from game to game. However, there are so many variables in baseball that it can be nearly impossible to get personal information on all of them.

However, the great tradition of betting in the United States coupled with the great passion that exists for baseball, has meant that there are now many websites dedicated exclusively to baseball betting and which include all the information we need to bet on each game.

The more information we have, the more options we have to bet wisely and, consequently, the more bets we will end up winning. Most of these websites are in English, but they are really essential for making money on MLB betting. It is not enough to understand the game, but we need to have information about each specific game.


This is perhaps the most important player when it comes to getting information about the outcome of the game. Whether his team wins the game or not depends to a large extent on him. That is why it is essential to know the pitcher’s current form, which does not usually change unless there is an injury, his particular record playing against the opposing team and it is also important to know the team’s performance when playing at home or away.

Keep in mind that baseball, although a team sport, is based on a pitcher and batter duel. Knowing how a pitcher fares against a particular team is a very valuable piece of information that should not be overlooked. However, it is not the only one.

  • Factors to take into account when placing MLB Bets
  • Win-loss record of the teams
  • Pitcher’s numbers
  • Last 10-game streak of the two teams
  • Home and away streaks
  • Analysis comparing batting averages of left-handed and right-handed pitchers
  • Clean-Run Average for both teams
  • Pitcher vs. hitters’ head-to-head history
  • Matches played between the two teams in similar circumstances
  • Record of games played in the afternoon and record of games played in the evening for both teams
  • Injuries of important players, especially the pitcher

Batting average: Although pitchers are important, it is the hitter who scores the points. For this reason you should always look at the batting average of the hitters. As an example, this average is usually put like this: 0.158, which means that out of every thousand pitches, the bat connects 158.

To know how a team behaves when it arrives as a favourite or when it arrives as an underdog. Knowing their previous results based on how they have arrived can give us a definite clue to bet on a particular game.