And the truth is that baseball in general, and MLB in particular as its biggest representative on earth, is a perfect place to bet. In fact, it seems that baseball was created on purpose for bookmakers to be born.

For many reasons, but perhaps the main one is that it is a sport where statistics count for a lot, but where surprises happen relatively easily. For this reason, it is not enough just to have the information and data, but it is also necessary to know how to analyse them well.

To give you an idea, MLB is a tournament where the bottom teams can beat the top teams without being favourites, obviously, but where the statistics tell us that they have a better chance of winning than the strongest team.

As you can see, this is an exciting sport if you love statistics and betting, perhaps the most complete in this sense. For this reason, it is not advisable to start betting without any knowledge.

MLB History

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Major League Baseball is made up of two major leagues, the National League, which was founded in 1876, and the American League, which was founded in 1901. And although since 1903 the champions of the two leagues have played against each other in the World Series, it was not until 2000 that the two leagues legally merged.

In fact, there were, and still are, no geographical differences between them. They are not conferences, they are distinct leagues in which the two champions play a 7-game series to become world champions.

These world series have been played from 1903 to the present day, every year, without interruption. There have been only two exceptions. In 1904, the owner of the National League champion team, the New York Giants, refused to participate because, according to him, there was too great a difference in level between the two leagues. And yet the previous year the World Series champion had come out of the American League.

Baseball is the quintessential American sport

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Just 90 years later, in 1994, there was also no World Series due to a players’ strike. But with the exception of those two years, MLB has always been played and there has always been a final between the two major leagues, both in times of peace and in times of war.

Baseball has been, perhaps, one of the few things that has always been important in America and has always been there. MLB has been a kind of talisman for the American people that has given them the sense of stability that all people need in their worst moments to keep from falling apart.

Before finishing with this little history of the MLB, we must not forget to name the best team in the history of baseball, the one with the most titles and also the best known. The New York Yankees lead the list with 27 titles won in 40 World Series played, followed by the St Louis Cardinals with 11 won out of 19 played and the Oakland Athletics with 9 won out of 15 played.